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We believe that service and support is personal.

SO, WE PROVIDE YOU WITH A dedicated team – or Support Squad – of incredibly seasoned and experienced senior support engineers, perfectly assembled to YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND CULTURE.

Service Offering Overview

managed services for Virtual Desktop

For innovative organizations Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can empower and secure an evolving workforce, optimize desktop workloads and financial resources, and simplify desktop management.

But, in some scenarios, VDI can be a burden, pulling valuable resources away from business impacting initiatives. With our Virtual Desktop as a Service (HDaaS) programs, we provide comprehensive services to ensure that VDI is performing optimally, and driving the promised value.

For VMware Horizon

Any organization which has invested in VMware Horizon, yet wants to get out of the day-to-day management and support of VDI. Typically, our Clients fall into one of two scenarios:

  • Current VDI is performing as promised, but the burden to support it is too great.
  • Current VDI is not performing, and the organizational goals need VDI to deliver on its promises of value.

Superior Virtual Desktop Engineers…Hammers

We call these heavy-hitters our Hammers and they are your experts for any of your Virtual Desktop needs 8am – 5pm, every single day of the week.



and uncommon sense

Dedicated Support

Top Tier, Experienced



Tiered Programs

We have three Program tiers to choose from…but, that just the beginning.  All of our Managed Services are customized to fit each client, perfectly.

Experience the Sterling difference with Managed Services which deliver confidence and peace of mind.


2 ways to engage

At AuditSolv, we understand that IT departments are the bedrock of any organization. We also understand that in today’s climate, it is incredibly difficult to flesh out a team that has all the technical requirements, knowledge, and skills for a growing and complex IT infrastructure. That’s where we come in.

With our Help Desk as a Service (HDaaS) programs, we provide comprehensive services to ensure that your users and their devices (desktops, laptops, tablets) are expertly supported.

Your Infrastructure

We have found that many of our prospective Clients have previously invested heavily in technical infrastructure that supports the way they do business and already has some level of integration with their overall technology strategy. In these cases, it just makes good business sense to avoid the disruptions caused by a technology rip-and-replace. With AuditSolv, your organization will continue to receive value from your previous technology investment and established standard operating procedures, integrations and communication protocols.

Our Infrastructure

We also have Clients who look to their Managed Service Provider for their pre-defined and pre-packaged technical infrastructure, tools and standard operating procedures. For these Clients, AuditSolv provides a non-intrusive, fully vetted, turn-key service delivery suite.

fully customized it Programs


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