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If the world of IT moves fast, the realm of security moves at lightspeed. Everyday both your network and workforce are being probed, tested, and assaulted in unexpected ways. These bad actors are looking to find a single foothold into your organization. Once they’ve found it, the results can be both catastrophic and expensive. At AuditSolv, we take a multi-vector approach to Security. We understand that a good security strategy is more than a sum of its parts. And so, we take the time to institute stringent network monitoring and security protocols, work with building managers to implement physical security measures and finally, conduct significant employee training programs – most breaches are in fact caused by human error. The bottom line, AuditSolv provides both the expertise, and the manpower, to help protect your organization.

Fully Customized Programs


Intrusion Prevention

Compliance: NIST

Email Protection

Security Awareness Training

End-Point Detection & Response

Multi-Factor Authentication

Compliance: HIPAA

Data Encryption

Data Network Security

Assessment: Vulnerability

Hammers only 

Compliance: GDPR

STIG Hardening (DoD & Govt)

DC Security

Physical Security

Incident Response

Compliance: Azure CIS Benchmarking

Microsoft aaS – Security

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an entire IT department at your side for a consistent, monthly fee.

AuditSolv provides a uniquely tailored solution designed specifically for your needs. We work with your ISP, your business software, your phone system and more providers to deliver the best of breed solutions to everyday problems. Teamwork is essential to success, let AuditSolv’s Concierge IT Services quarterback the technology relationships for you and gain the best results.

fully customized it Programs


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