Customer Centric KPIs



An Explanation

At AuditSolv we have a very different view on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are used as a barometer of service delivery quality, performance and satisfaction.

Many of our competitors have a significant focus on providing a vast array of metrics. Within this expanse of data, our competitors are more focused on protecting their bottomline, and less focused on delivering exceptional support with immediacy. Ultimately, their reporting is designed to distract and overwhelm you with the sheer volume and complexity of indicators, so that it’s almost impossible for you to see the forest through the trees.

We believe in being straightforward and Client focused. We are honored that you have placed your trust in our team to become a part of your team, and a part of your business success. So, AuditSolve KPI’s are laser focused on the triad of metrics that matter.

Support Volume

The number of Support requests, across all channels (phone, email, portal).

Support Resolution Time

The time it takes to resolve a support request.

Support Satisfaction

A measurement, on a sliding scale 1 through 10, of how each support Requester feels about their support experience.

It’s About Simplicity & Focus

By simplifying KPIs, we stay true to our mantra of “Managed Services built on relationships, not transactions.” Remember, as an AuditSolv MSP Client, you have a dedicated Support Squad of highly experienced Senior Engineers who have the skills, abilities and desire to resolve each support request immediately, with an empathetic, customer-focused approach.

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